How to Embed Instagram Images in Your Pin

When you creating a Pin one of the best practices advised is to create list Pins, these types of Pins have a list of Images that relate to particular subject related to your title.

An example would be that you might want to list the Top 7 Celebrity Fail Red Carpet Outfits. Here's how you would embed an instagram photo.

Embed Code:


Don't Forget to:

  1. Copy the instagram URL / Link You want to Pin
  2. Strip out the username at the end, when you get the URL / Link from instagram it will look like this:
  3. Remove the ?taken-by=tinkerbellethedog so it you now have a URL / Link like this:
  4. Next we want to change the https at the beginning of the URL /Link with http
  5. Lastly we want to remove the www. at the beginning of the URL /Link so you now have

Points of view. #hancock

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