How to Add Code To Your Pin With Special Character Replacements

Writing code in your pins can be done in two ways, you can firstly render code in your pin, alternatively you can display code in your Pins. most importantly malicious codes and javascript will not be allowed for obvious reasons.

The very first thing you will need to learn when writing code in your pins, would be to enable Plain Text Editing and come out of the Visual text editor. When you creating your Pin, in the description look at the top right of the description field to see two tabs with the names "visual" and "Text". Switch from Visual to Text and you will notice that everything is now HTML and therefore you can apply markup languages that you familiar with.

To write code or markup as not rendered then you would need to do text replacements for special characters like < >, below i have listed some special characters that will help you replace text to avoid rendering, allowing you to explain your code to others viewing without rendering the markup.