How i Bought an iPhone for $9

Taking a risk is far different when compared to taking a calculated guess. It took me just 2 days to figure out that saving enough money to buy an iphone would roughly take me 1 week. I grew up in a relatively average family, parents didn’t give me any handouts, I worked for my spare cash and earned it the hard way.

+EDIT – If you want to skip the long story start on paragraph 7 where I reveal links to my resources+


Slaving Away!!

Slaving away at school, and having a "weekend job" took a toll on me. It was considerably hard to maintain a social life, that’s when I started looking at options to earn money online on complete autopilot. I figured out early in the course of my journey that you need to make money whilst you sleep just like clockwork.

Running an online business fitted perfectly into my ideology, so I began my digital business. My first goal was to make enough money online to buy and iphone. I thought if I could purchase an iphone every week on autopilot then it would be a great start. As normal I look for huge marketplaces to utilize and extract traffic for my own benefit. I began looking for a niche on ebay that allowed me to profit from doing nothing, buying nothing, selling thin air!! You Heard that right....


Attention Here

Now that I have your attention, you should know that this is absolutely possible. Im going to explain exactly how I took thin air and monetized it. I started with digital products, I obtained private label rights to thousands of digital products like videos, ebooks and software. I then rebranded it as my own and sold it on ebay. I was able to infinitely scale my business because I did not need any stock, delivery time was instant and best of all I did no need to deal with theft, wrong delivery address or negative feedback like you would experience if you sold physical products.


Selling Thin Air

Having my products delivered digitally and allowing me to offer thousands of products without spending any money made my business sky rocket. I call this evergreen riches. Let’s face it, knowledge is power and that’s exactly what I was selling, empowerment for people. Wait lets stand back for a second, you reading my article because you wanted to empower yourself right?

Thousands and millions of people are searching online for knowledge and this is what I deliver. Best of all, in the digital age it costs virtually nothing to trade in this niche. Perfect market for broke students that need extra cash online right? I thought so too, I bought a $9.00 package from and downloaded over 600+ ebooks, videos and software. I then listed these ebooks on ebay sold thousands of copies in under 1 month. I was ecstatic, it actually worked like magic. My paypal account was flooded with payments, seriously, it was terrific. One of those moments where the penny drops and you understand how simple it actually is to make money online on autopilot.

In 7 Days I bought my iphone, as I sat back I thought, how much did this iphone cost me? To be exact it costed me exactly $9.00 to obtain the PLR Ebooks, videos and software. I became an addict.

My next goal was to earn a house!

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